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About EDS Engineering

EDS Engineering is a privately owned company based in the Sydney's North West, Australia. EDS Engineering offers various forms of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering services, starting from research, working through to manufacture, supply, consulting and support. We has over 10 years experince in the design, manufacture and support of electronic equipment with a proven reliable supply chain from the manufacturer to your door.

EDS Engineering’s Specialist areas

With over 10 years of engineering experience, EDS Engineering offers a wide variety of services and solutions.


“We aim to exceed customer expectations. Our goal is to provide the benefits from all the experiences and knowledge of our engineers giving the best possible services and solutions.”

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Managing Director - Carl Norman


Account - Chantel Norman


Shipping & Mailing Address

PO Box 6019

South Windsor DC 2756



+61 2 4572 6329

0407 796 219


+61 2 4572 5619